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The Linux Kernel is at version 4.4.14 and the X Server checks in at version 1.18.3.

Still, the most predominant change with Slackware 14.2 has probably been the replacement of Console Kit (user and session tracking) and udev (device manager).

Source: man slackpkg Slackware is a multiusage distribution, it’s not tailored made for the desktop or server usage, but lets the user configure the system according to her needs.

I’m using Slackware on my office workstation running a full LAMP stack for development and sysadmin tasks.

Obviously not everyone will appreciate the Slackware approach of putting the user in charge of the system, but I suspect many will if given the opportunity.

Slackware uses a ncurses based installer providing you with a simple text based installer.

Also making it first appearance in Slackware is Pulse Audio which predictably didn’t get a warm embrace from the Slackware community.

You will get a confirmation message back containing instructions to

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Source: man pkgtool Slackpkg is a tool for those who want to easily install or upgrade packages via the network.

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