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There are six performances each week, all of them playing to a capacity audience of 450, with everybody crammed at taverna tables to snack on meze, drink wine and experience the emotional force that can still be wrung out of these pop classics Don’t even ask how songs such as Super Trouper and Tiger fit that narrative.Or why a water sprite climbs out of the restaurant’s courtyard fountain to do acrobatics with a hoop, while Nikos marches around dressed like a druid with gold leaves in his hair.At the same time, he deals with his aging dad (David Warner), who's slipping into the grips of dementia, and a re-energized social life, as his daughter Linda (Jeany Spark) enrolls him in an Internet dating service.Anyone wanting to play Inspector Wallander has to pass the soiled-underwear test.Reality vies with fantasy throughout the evening, and while there may be a dark side to Swedish nature, as evinced in their love of Scandi noir, glum detectives such as Wallander and the gothic horror of Stieg Larsson’s novels, it doesn’t take much to get the audience into the party mood.Yet to look up at the battery of lights and equipment in the ceiling is to understand that we are actually on a stage set, not in a restaurant at all.One in which the attention to detail is extraordinary.Tinted lights bathe everyone in a butterscotch glaze, a deliberate effect to make pasty northern Europeans look like tanned holidaymakers.

The gritty crime drama stars Kenneth Branagh as Swedish author Henning Mankell's scruffy Swedish police detective Kurt Wallander.My Abba friends, my Abba ladies and Abba gentlemen. Which is that you haven’t lived until you have heard I Have A Dream played to a Greek bouzouki beat.You haven’t eaten until you have tasted an Abbatastic pudding called The Ouzo Flavoured Semolina Dream, pistachio crust optional.The story is that Kicki (Anki Albertsson) was working on the film but stayed behind to marry Nikos (Michalis Koutsogiannakis) and help him run his taverna.Business wasn’t doing so well, so she suggested holding Abba-themed nights to bring in the punters.

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We didn’t expect this after 35 years.’The band split in 1982, and have sold over 375 million records.

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