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Tuvo asimismo el papel del teniente Paul Colvin en The Great Raid, e integró los elencos de Across the Universe y de Brooklyn's Finest, película protagonizada por Richard Gere.En el año 2008 participó en el telefilme Blue Blood, dirigido por Brett Ratner.En el año 2005, caracterizó a Trey Atwood en el proyecto de Wonderland Sound and Vision The O.C.; tuvo el papel de Tyler Fog en la serie de aventura Traveler junto a Matt Bomer y Aaron Stanford; y fue uno de los protagonistas de Dark Blue, donde interpretó a Dean Bendis.En el 2004, trabajó en el corto de Claudia Myers The Kindness of Strangers.

While no wedding bells are chiming, the couple continues to date.

star is dating the forever-young-looking Marisa Tomei.

Although they were first out in public in April of 2013, rumors started up again after the two were spotted looking like they rolled out of bed the other morning. It does seem that Marisa has a penchant for younger men.

Both actors are coming on in mystery roles, though THR reports that Marshall-Green will be taking on a villainous role as a secondary antagonist who causes a ruckus alongside Michael Keaton‘s The Vulture.

It’s an exciting opportunity for the actor, who demonstrated tremendous magnetism and talent in Karyn Kusama‘s outstanding thriller .

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