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All the travelling is worth it when you do the gigs. We've got various vitamins, Red Bull and all this kind of stuff. No, I'm doing The Late Late show with James Corden to promote the US tour, so I'm just doing gigs – interviews, podcasts, stand up shows and stuff like that – around the city. For example when you're doing small gigs you can smudge it around, chat with the crowd, improvise.

I did some gigs in Oslo two years ago and I absolutely loved it.You've been touring for three months now – usually with only a day's break between shows – that must be really challenging and exhausting? We've been so excited about travelling, doing the job you love.The fact that we could do these massive venues in England, and there's like 15,000 people there, laughing at you, it's just incredible.Wonderbox, Russell’s previous sell-out international tour in 2014, saw him entertain 285,000 fans at 40 shows across the UK and Ireland (in London alone he played four shows at the Royal Albert Hall, two shows at the O2 Arena and one show at Wembley Arena), as well as sold-out runs in the US, Australia and New Zealand.“Howard’s success is down to the way his comic outlook strikes a chord…He’s not afraid to be silly and gently whimsical but he never disappears up his own arse.

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