Wow updating race models

Many MMOs have holiday events, and your favorite MMO right now may even be running a Christmas event.

World of Warcraft, on the other hand, wants to do something different.

Blizzard has announced a schedule of micro-holidays meant to commemorate real-world events...

Blizzard Entertainment plan to drop the name for their online platform and service, which they have used since 1996.

The enemies are too strong and we need more advanced gears, time to get prepared for the upcoming Emerald Nightmare bosses.

It is merely one week from the next expansion of World of Warcraft, are you ready to kick the demons’ asses?

Now World of Warcraft team has arranged an event giving you the chance to join the other thousands of testers in the upcoming expansion.

So what you’re looking for is a private server that let you play your 1.12.1 Wo W client (if you don’t have one you can easily download it via torrent, I suggest you to check Google for Kick Ass torrent).In an interesting interview with Ion Hazzikostas, a lot was learned about the upcoming update to World of Warcraft: patch 7.3.But one of the most notable things for more passive players is what’s going on with the LFR system going forward.But in World of Warcraft Legion, all classes will compete to get the gears without fixed primary stats and DKP will not ever be enough for you.The Alpha test is going on and more players are invited in.

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